Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

  • To be able to identify and quantify risk when faced with an unfamiliar client or situation
  • To be able to respond to risk, reducing chance of harm to yourself and others

Risk Assessment

Being able to identify and respond to potential risks in any placement setting is vital for health professionals to be aware of very early on in their careers.  In the mental health setting, students face situations where they need to complete a risk assessment so this is something that needs to be addressed from the outset. The Health Education Training Institute (HETI) shows an online video outlining the importance of risk assessment.  Watch this before you attempt the learning modules so you can put it into context in the placement setting. 

There are two modules available for risk assessment on the MHPOD website:

Risk and protective factors

This module aims to identify the range of factors that place an individual at risk of, or protect against, mental illness (risk and protective factors).  It also describes the stress vulnerability model and simulates the use of stress vulnerability model in practice.

 Risk assessment and management

This module is described on the website as aiming to identify the range of principles and tools available to support practitioners in the assessment and management of risk.

(Note:  These modules are free to complete, but required you to register as a user of the site)

(Note:  Students will need to join as a ClinEdAus member to access and log the guided reflection activities below.)

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