In this video by NSW Family and Community Services: Student perspective - Advice for Students Considering a Placement in the Disability Sector, students present their perspectives on their placement within the disability sector:

When preparing for a student placement in a NDIS provider organisation, the principles of placement planning apply. In the disability sector, there are several resources that can be provided to students prior to their placement to assist them to understand the practice context, their particular work area or the skills required. This facilitates the student’s transition to placement.

You may like to recommend that students use the ‘Add my Reflection’ functions on this page to support their engagement with these topic areas. After working through the content, students can log their thoughts, reflections and questions. These can then be used in your supervisory sessions.

Knowledge and understanding resources

General information

Core Principles

Language and communication guides and considerations

Appropriate use of language is important to reduce stigma and discrimination. The following are examples of language guides that could be provided to students prior to their placement to draw their attention to the use of inclusive language:

Reporting and documentation

Students will need to measure and report on NDIS participant outcomes as part of their placement with NDIS providers. It is important that students are aware of the specific reporting requirements for NDIS including plan reviews and progress reports. The following resources could be provided to students prior to their placement, to draw their attention to the types of detail, content, and layout that is required.




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