Quality care in aged care settings

There are several documents that explore the concept of ‘quality’ in Australian aged care settings.  These include:

  • The Charter of Aged Care Rights
  • Aged Care Quality Standards
    • Standard 1:  Consumer dignity and choice
    • Standard 2:  Ongoing assessment and planning with consumers
    • Standard 3:  Personal care and clinical care
    • Standard 4:  Services and supports for daily living
    • Standard 5:  Organisation's service environment
    • Standard 6:  Feedback and complaints
    • Standard 7:  Human resources
    • Standard 8:  Organisational governance
  • Mandatory Quality Indicator Program
  • Minimising the use of restraints
  • Serious Incident Response Scheme
  • Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

All government-funded aged care services must comply with the recommendations in these documents.  It may be useful for students starting a clinical placement in aged care to review these documents and complete a reflection activity that explores their understanding of:

  • Why these documents are important – for clients, for families/carers, for health professionals
  • How these documents affect the health service they are providing.

These documents can be accessed from the Australian Government Department of Health ‘Delivering quality aged care services’ webpage.



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