Search the evidence for IPE

The following ‘cheat sheet’ can be used by supervisor wanting to search the IPE evidence.

Looking for the latest evidence on clinical placements in Interprofessional Education contexts?

 Try these freely available databases: 

Try these IPE specific journals:

Try these key words:

  • Interprofessional education
  • interprofessional learning
  • interprofessional outcomes (health)
  • students
  • interdisciplinary study
  • collaborative care
  • team-based practice

Some useful resources to guide your appraisal:

University of South Australia Critical Appraisal Tools to assist health professionals critique a variety of study types.

Learn more about the Impact Factors of the journals you select 


Don’t forget to search the grey literature:

Reports, data/statistics, policies or books published by appropriate organisations or government bodies may also provide you with useful information.  It is best to search these websites directly or, as often this type of information is published in ‘PDF’ format, used the advanced search function in Google settings to specify Adobe Acrobate PDF (.pdf) as the file type for your search.

Remember to consider the credibility, reliability, evidence used, perspective/bias and purpose when screening the grey literature you have located.

With Acknowledgements to Griffith University – Library and Learning Services

Interprofessional education networks

Interprofessional education professional development

The following links are to open access professional development materials on IPE:

Guides for interprofessional education 


Interpforessional education in different practice contexts

Interprofessional education in aged care

Interprofessional education in rural and remote health

Interprofessional education in mental health care settings




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