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Key Terms used in the ClinEdAus website

ClinEdAus uses the following terms and interpretations and acknowledges that some of the linked resources housed by ClinEdAus may use other terms.  Where possible, these interchangeable terms have been included in the terminology definitions below. ClinEdAus acknowledges that roles may vary slightly depending on the health setting and the role description/titles assigned within that setting. 

Student supervisor

The health professional who has the appropriate qualifications and registration to undertake supervision of students on placement.  This may include setting learning goals and expectations, providing formal and informal feedback, supports a student’s self-directed learning and completes the university’s student assessment documentation.  A student supervisor may also be the nominated contact for tertiary education organisations, coordinate teaching activities and allocation of students to health professionals within their settings.

Interchangeable terms:  Clinical educator/ clinical supervisor/coordinator/ placement facilitator/ clinical facilitator / field educator / practice educator

Student placement

The placement of students in professional fields where they can gain hands-on experience before graduating.


  • can occur at different levels of courses - for example, expectations for student placement at first year are very different from those required in a final year of placement.
  • can occur in a variety of settings that have differing expectations.
  • have specific requirements imposed by some professions (Stagnitti, Schoo & Welch, 2013, p404).

Interchangeable terms:  Clinical placement/student placement/clinical supervision/practicum/fieldwork placement

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