For the Clinical Educator or Student Supervisor

Because a student is entering an external organisation for their placement, they need to comply with that organisation’s workforce requirements.  This means that the student often needs to complete training relating to professional practice prior to/at commencement of their placement.  On this page you will find:

Prior to placement start

It is important for the student supervisor to establish and plan for the pre-placement requirements required by their workplace or organisation, prior to offering an allied health student placement.  This might include establishing the organisation’s requirements for:

  • Student Registration with AHPRA or associated organisation
  • Work fitness assessments
  • Working with children/vulnerable people clearances
  • Criminal history checks
  • Proof of immunisation for communicable diseases
  • Permits for access to certain work areas (eg. Access to cultural land)

It is also important to establish the partnership and documentation required between the organisation and the university.  Considerations here can include:

  • Student deeds or undertaking
  • Laws and contracts
  • Student identification and access (proximity) cards
  • Cost centres and payments
  • Accommodation (if applicable)
  • Use of workplace resources (eg. Cars, facilities)

 Students may also need to complete formal mandatory training before commencing placement.  Some of these training modules might include:

  • Occupational health and Safety
  • Patient Safety
  • Infection control and hand hygiene
  • Workplace bullying
  • Child safety
  • Confidentiality
  • Incident reporting
  • First aid
  • Cultural awareness training
  • Fire training
  • Manual handling
  • Relevant organisational structure, policy and/or procedures

Examples of preplacement workplace information from Government agencies include:


Examples of preplacement workplace information for allied health students from Government agencies include:

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Examples of preplacement workplace information from non-government agencies include:

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Examples of preplacement workplace information from tertiary education agencies include:



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