Pre-placement planning and orientation cannot account for all circumstances that can occur during student placements.  Be flexible should unexpected situations occur, review your plan, and make adjustments accordingly.

You may find the Core Clinical Education skills section of this website useful to guide your supervision during the student placement:Screen shot of the core clinical education skill section of ClinEdAus

As the placement ends, you can use this checklist to ensure all the administrative tasks relating to the placement are completed:



University documentation:

  • Completion and submission of university documentation
    • By supervisor/s:  e.g. assessment forms, attendance forms, signed competency forms
    • By students:  evaluation forms, reflection forms

Client documentation

  • Student/s have completed client/patient documentation in healthcare records.
  • Student/s have provided written or verbal handover to ensure continuity of care for clients
  • Student/s have finalised any discharge planning documentation (if indicated)
  • Client identifiable information that is not required for documentation has been correctly disposed of

Occupational health and safety

  • Students have cleaned and tidied work area
  • Loaned resources have been returned (e.g., mobile phone, keys, identification badge, access card, laptops)

Learning and placement evaluation

Students have completed an evaluation of placement experience (if indicated) (Refer to Evaluating the placement experience for examples)




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