Each university will have resources to support you in your role as a Clinical Educator.  The resources may include a manual, course outline and practical resources to facilitate student learning.  Some universities allow access to additional resources electronically (online journals, discussion boards, electronic newsletters).  Another important role of the university Clinical Coordinator is to facilitate the process for resolving difficult situations during a clinical placement.

In this series of videos, Simone Howells, Griffith University Speech Pathology Clinical Education Coordinator, explains the ways that the university can help with pre-placement planning, the support that the university Clinical Education Coordinator can provide to Clinical Educators and when a Clinical Educator should contact the university to initiate early intervention with a student on placement.








Australian Catholic University

Faculty of Health Sciences - School of Allied Health


Bond University

Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine


Central Queensland University

Central Queensland University, Australia - Health


Griffith University  

Griffith University - School of Allied Health Sciences

Griffith University has a Fit for Professional Practice website. The website details all the mandatory requirements the student must complete prior to starting a practice placement. 

Griffith Health Clinics 


James Cook University 

James Cook University - College of Healthcare Sciences

The James Cook University has developed the James Cook University Workplace Educator Package. The package is a comprehensive set of excellent resources to support Clinical Educators supervising James Cook University students on placement.  


Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University - School of Health and Human Sciences


University of the Sunshine Coast

University of the Sunshine Coast - School of Health and Sport Sciences


University of Queensland

University of Queensland - School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.

The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences has a website for Clinical Educators. The site details training and support for Clinical Educators hosting students from The University of Queensland. The School publishes a Clinical Educators Newsletter (CE News) that contains news and updates for Clinical Educators.  You can sign up for this newsletter at the above link.




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