In this video, we hear from Courtney Heal, an interprofessional clinical educator for allied health who works in a rural and remote health setting and describes the supervisor supports they have found important when hosting student placements.

Other supports that rural and remote supervisors may find useful:

  • Access to professional development on supervision (e.g. annual supervisor training offered by university partners)
  • Early liaison with university placement coordinators - Given the location and distance from the university and the student’s normal support networks, if a student isn’t progressing as planned, then supervisors can be supported by the university to optimise the student’s learning opportunities.
  • Access to mentoring or peer support – supervisors may link up with other allied health professionals within their rural and remote health team or seek out peer support from other rural and remote allied health professionals who are supervising students.  These mentoring or peer support sessions can provide supervisors with support on placement models, management of outreach services, supervision sessions and troubleshooting rural and remote placements.
  • Clinical Education Professional Support Program (CEPS) on ilearn Login - Queensland Health - iLearn
    The Clinical Educator Preparation and Support Program is a series of online modules relating to teaching and learning in the clinical setting. They have been developed to guide nurses, doctors and allied health professionals through the experience of supervising students during clinical placements. The current program includes:
    • Module 1 Introduction to clinical learning
    • Module 2 Planning for placement
    • Module 3 Preparation for learners
    • Module 4 Teaching in the clinical setting
    • Module 5 Facilitating clinical reasoning
    • Module 6 Self-directed and collaborative learning
    • Module 7 Learning in small groups
    • Module 8 Assessment
    • Module 9 Giving feedback
    • Module 10 Managing student difficulties or failure whilst on placement
    • Module 11 Review of the teaching and learning experience
    • Module 12 Interprofessional Education on student placements to support Interprofessional Collaborative Practice






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