Checklist for assessing students

Plan for feedback and assessment

  • Ensure you are familiar with the University requirements for assessment
  • Complete any training to complete the assessment form
  • If there are multiple Clinical Educators, designate a primary assessor who will coordinate the student’s assessment
  • Timetable the mid and end of placement assessment at the beginning of the placement

Prepare the student

  • At the beginning of the placement, explain the purpose of the assessment
  • Check that the student understands the assessment form and that there will be a midway and end of assessment process
  • Talk about the ways in which you will assess their performance and their move towards competency
  • Clearly discuss the ways in which you expect the student to participate in the assessment process
  • Discuss how you are going to give feedback

Collect evidence of the student’s performance to support your assessment decisions

Use multiple sources of evidence.

  • feedback to student (e.g. carbon copy of observations)
  • case notes
  • reports
  • feedback from other professionals
  • structured activities or set tasks

Give feedback and devise strategies

  • Encourage and allow students time to self reflect
  • Use the self reflection to guide feedback
  • Work with the student to identify gaps and devise strategies to meet these learning goals
  • Refer the student to their learning contract and regularly revise the plan

Provide opportunities and make evidence based decisions

  • Provide the student with opportunities to meet their learning goals
  • Ensure evidence is collected for each criteria (where possible, if you don’t have enough evidence to grade the student then do not grade it)
  • Make a decision based on the evidence
  • Use the evidence to explain the grade to the student

Reflect and evaluate

  • Reflect on the assessment process and the feedback session (e.g. did you allow enough time, was the student’s self-assessment similar to your gradings?)
  • What worked well?
  • What could you change for next time?


Please Note: References remain valid until superseded by later research. The resources referenced here are regularly reviewed and are considered current and relevant to the topics presented.

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