Assessment of students

Assessment is an important part of the learning process in clinical education. The following resources discuss assessment: why it is important, how the assessment process is different for students in the clinical setting, key points to achieving best practice in assessment and ways to foster student self assessment. There are links to profession specific assessment tools. The ultimate goal is to validly assess the performance of the student in the clinical placement. 

The James Cook University Workplace Educators Package has an excellent module on Evaluating Performance. The module discusses the concept of clinical competence and explores the role of the evaluator. It discusses the process of assessment and has strategies for managing students who may have difficulty on placement.


The Role Of Assessment In The Clinical Placement

Assessment has a number of roles in the clinical placement.
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Assessment Opportunities During the Clinical Placement

Formal assessment typically occurs at the midway point of...
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Fostering Self Assessment in Students

An important aspect of developing as a professional is the...
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Consistency in Assessment

This section has strategies to help achieve consistency in...
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Key Points to Remember When Assessing Students

This section contains a list of points to remember when...
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Profession Specific Assessment Tools

This section has links to profession specific assessment...
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