Considering a student placement in an aged care setting?

Before offering a student placement, it is important to be aware of the potential benefits, challenges and opportunities associated with placements in aged care settings, and ensure adequate planning and preparation occurs to overcome the challenges identified.  To explore these concepts further, please watch the following animation about the benefits of placements in aged care settings:

To summarise, benefits include:

  • Increased student knowledge about aged related decline.
  • Improved skills of the future workforce to work with older people.

This next animation illustrates some of the unique challenges and opportunities supervisors should consider when hosting students in aged care settings. 


To summarise, supervisors should: 

  • Select a suitable placement model 
  • Manage student attitudes towards placements in aged care settings
  • Plan to include adequate depth and breadth of learning experiences

Another challenge that is important to consider is how to manage student learning and exposure to death and dying in the aged care setting.   
Of course, with adequate planning and preparation, these challenges can often be overcome, allowing both you and your student to experience the many benefits of hosting students in aged care settings.   

The Interprofessional Education in Aged Care (IPEAC) tool kit is a useful resource that allows those working in aged care settings to:

  • Identify how to ‘get started’ by connecting with tertiary education providers
  • Establish an aged care student placement – planning, orientation, learning opportunities
  • Evaluate process and placement, and resources to support various health professions 

Allied Health Professions of Australia has a resource that outlines the various allied health professional roles and responsibilities in optimising function and independence in older people


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