In collaboration with the Australasian Interprofessional Practice and Education Network (AIPPEN), Monash University have developed the infographic below. It provides guidance on how to prepare for, facilitate during and reflection on interprofessional placement activities. (Click on the image to view in full). 

Source:  Monash University (2021)  Guide to facilitating interprofessional education.  Reproduced with permission from

In this video, Jacqui Broadbridge outlines her approach to orientation, identifies the strengths associated with interprofessional education placements, how to manage a ‘silo/tribe’ mindset,  and troubleshoots some of the common challenges experienced by supervisors:

Establishing IPE opportunities

Since 2011, the  Curtin Interprofessional Practice clinic has been delivered in partnership between Curtin University and a primary school in Perth.  The clinic offers free allied health services to support the learning and development of school children.  The services available include speech pathology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, social work, psychology and dietetics.  Curtin University students work collaboratively on this IPE placement to deliver the service, allowing them to develop their understanding of how other professions work within a paediatric setting. In this video Alison Mills, Clinics Program Coordinator from Curtin University explains the placement model used in this IPE setting: 

In this next video, Alison Mills, Clinics Program Coordinator from Curtin University reflects on the considerations when implementing and maintaining an IPE placement: 


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