In this video, Jacqui Broadbridge outlines her approach to orientation, identifies the strengths associated with interprofessional education placements, how to manage a ‘silo/tribe’ mindset,  and troubleshoots some of the common challenges experienced by supervisors:

In collaboration with the Australasian Interprofessional Practice and Education Network (AIPPEN), Monash University have developed the infographic below that summarises the evidence relating to facilitating interprofessional education (Click on the image to view in full).

Source:  Monash University (2021)  Guide to facilitating interprofessional education.  Reproduced with permission from

You may also find this fact sheet useful as you prepare for an IPE placement:  Fact Sheet: Three easy steps to supervising staff from other professions.

Dispelling common myths and facts in IPE

The infographic below identifies common myths related to IPE and the myths that expose them:

Myths and facts about interprofessional education


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