Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

  • To gain a broad understanding of the Recovery Approach
  • To underpin a case study with the constructs of the Recovery Approach
  • To be able to apply the Recovery Approach in the practice setting

The Recovery Approach

The Recovery Approach is a service provision model for working with people, their families and service providers in the Mental Health setting.  Queensland Health (2005) defines recovery as the journey toward a new and valued sense of identity, role and purpose outside the parameters of mental illness and living well despite any limitations resulting from the illness, its treatment, and personal and environmental conditions.  Queensland Health acknowledges that the process of recovery is often lengthy and complex and does not necessarily mean symptom elimination or individuals returning to a pre-illness state.  It is important that students understand this model in principle and practice when entering a mental health setting.

SANE Australia is a national charity organisation with a range of resources for health care professionals and those affected by a mental illness.  Watch their short podcast outlining what the term ‘recovery’ means in the mental health context and some simple ways of getting started on the recovery pathway.

SANE Australia have produced a fact sheet available for consumers providing general recommendations on how to progress through the recovery process.

The Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning (2010) shows a broad range of views from consumers, carers and health workers of their own experiences working within the Recovery Approach.  This 22 minute short film, entitled Real lives, Real People, Real Journeys, is a great way to get started on the practical side of recovery.

The Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council compiled a detailed national framework outlining core principles and evidence for the recovery model, the Guide for Practitioners and Providers: A national framework for recovery-oriented mental health services.  If you have time, it’s worth having a look, though it is a detailed document. 

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