Reflection Activity - Resource requirement


Consider your own practice. What resources does your workplace provide? What strategies do you have to support a student in the workplace? What might you need to improve your clinical education experience? Make a list prior to commencing a placement.  Ask your colleagues what they think that your workplace can offer.  Are there any available University based training sessions to help you up skill prior to placement commencing?


Reflection Activity - Safety considerations

Which of the areas outlined might be relevant in your practice setting? Does your workplace have any safety considerations that need to be addressed? How would you open a discussion regarding the parameters of supervision? Is there already a resource, structure or network within your workplace that might help you achieve acceptance early in the placement experience?


Reflection Activity - Goal setting

Consider your own practice. What unique opportunities does your clinic provide? Make a list and discuss these opportunities with your student. Ask your student to link their identified learning goals with the learning opportunities that your clinic can offer.
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