Creating/reviewing checklist for end of placement

NB if you already have a checklist; use the questions below to review your current checklist.

When developing a checklist it is useful to have both the activity and a guideline for when it is required to be completed. The following is a guide to developing a checklist for the end of the placement, please add or alter to ensure your workplace requirements are all included.

Feedback /assessment

Allocate time in timetable. You will need to consider how long you will require for each student


  • Choose a suitable venue
  • Are you required to book a room
  • Book the room as soon as possible


  • Write yourself a guideline for the meeting
  • Allocate yourself time to consider content
  • Ensure you consider the tone and language of the discussion


  • Allocate yourself time to record evidence of the student performance for examples in your discussion

Formal Assessment

  • Allocate yourself time to complete the formal assessment

Required Paperwork

Ensure you have all of the required paperwork from the university

Allocate yourself time to become familiar with and complete the paperwork

Do you have the mailing/email address for these documents

Patient Handovers

Is the student required to complete written or verbal handovers?

When will they do this and who will receive them?


Check the student environment

Ensure student has completed the necessary patient/client documentation

Your Information

Do you require anything to be completed to help you evaluate the placement e.g. student feedback


What do you need to collect from the student and when? E.g. keys, ID


Is there anything else that you need to do and when do you need to do it?


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