Reflection Activity 1

Consider an example within the workplace where you have experienced or observed conflict. What were your immediate and latent responses? How might you have handled it differently, given the opportunity? How did you move on from the experience? How might the situation have been avoided in the first place?

Reflection Activity 2

Consider the five mechanisms used in conflict resolution.

List circumstances when you have utilised each in the past.

Were you happy with the outcome of all situations?

If you were not happy, do you think a change in mechanism would have changed the outcome or was it out of your control?


Reflection Activity 3

Have you experienced conflict with a student in the past? (If not think about another time in your life when you experienced conflict.)

Did you use any of the personal conduct strategies listed above to resolve?

If not, do you think you could have applied these strategies?

Beginning at point 3 and finishing at point 7, apply these strategies to that situation.

Consider what would have been your desired outcome.

Consider what mechanism would have been appropriate for that situation.


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