Preparing the student for an IPE placement

When preparing for a student placement that embeds IPE, it is important to apply the general principles of placement planning. 

To support the student’s transition to placement, supervisors may wish to:

  • Establish what prior learning and/or experience students have had with IPE
  • Provide students with exposure to IPE prior to their placement to assist their understanding of the knowledge and skills required.  

Supervisors may find it useful to provide an IPE overview, example case studies, self-reflection activities, and professional development opportunities to students to support their engagement with this topic area. 

Example resources

Video resources

Case studies and self-reflection:

An example case study and reflective questions have been included below:

Physiotherapy IPE written example:

A client has been seen by a private physiotherapist for four weeks and their knee pain has not been improving.  They may need to see an Orthopaedic Surgeon.  The physiotherapist needs to write a referral to the Orthopaedic Surgeon. Prior to doing this, he/she refers  the client for an MRI of their knee. The physiotherapist also writes to the original referrer, the client’s GP, to provide feedback on the intervention and client outcomes to date.  The physiotherapist also advises the client to check with their pharmacist, when collecting the script for the pain medications, to ensure they client are receiving the best possible doses at the best possible times of day. 

The client divulges to the physiotherapist that this problem is starting to affect their mood and ability to complete everyday activities, specifically paid employment. They now require assistance with domestic duties.  After years of being actively involved in sport and recreation, they are starting to feel unwell and unfit because of such an extended period of inactivity.

Reflective questions

1. What are some examples of Interprofessional Practice that you can identify in the above scenario?

2. While developing the collaborative care plan, who else might the physiotherapist involve in the client’s care?

3. What have you learned from this activity?


Other IPE case study examples:



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