Student Supervisor Resources - Placements in Mental Health Care Settings

A range of resources are available to assist student supervisors in the mental health care settings, including supervisor training, student training/upskilling, practical hints, and guidelines.

Student Supervision and Placement Guides

Practice Placements in the Community Managed Mental Health Sector: a NSW Pilot Study

The Practice Placements in Community Managed Mental Health Sector Placement Guide was developed by the Mental Health Coordinating Council to address the growing requirements of community-based student placements. The Guide provides details on the placement process and how to structure a placement. Information is provided for the organisation, student and clinical educator, including resources such as:

  • Organisational Profile Template, which should be provided to the student as part of their orientation to the setting (page 27)
  • Practice placement expectation template, which provides transparent information on placement expectations from the organisations’ perspective (page 37)
  • Any organisational policy or procedure/s relating to student placement and the staff roles involved in student supervision (page 38)

Clinical Supervision Guidelines for Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Services 

These guidelines provide overarching principles of supervision in mental health care settings, including provision of standardised, generic and flexible statewide approach to clinical supervision for all mental health professionals involved in mental health service delivery.  Some information in these staff-based guidelines can be adapted to the student context.

Dovetail Student Placement Toolkit

The Dovetail Student Placement Toolkit was developed to support student placements and is relevant for all students or workers new to the sector who wish to enhance their alcohol and other drug (AOD) knowledge.


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