Facilitating Learning

The workplace is a vital and rich environment in which student practitioners take their first steps in real-life learning and applying their knowledge and skills in practice. Most clinicians helping students on their learning journey discover the need for additional skills and support to fulfill this valuable role effectively.  

This section aims to build on clinicians’ teaching and learning concepts and provide practical ideas to facilitate students’ learning in the workplace. It is largely based on The Learning Guide: a handbook for allied health professionals facilitating learning in the workplace (Health Education & Training Institute, 2012). You are strongly encouraged to read this comprehensive resource (the Learning guide) in detail.

Sections of this topic are reproduced from the resources developed by our sister Health Workforce Australia project, Enabling Clinical Supervision Skills (NSW). This resource is also attached as a topic in Facilitating Learning.

Facilitating Learning Topics

Adult Learning
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Learning Preferences
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Clinical Educator Reflective Practice
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Resources and References to Facilitate Learning
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