Reflection Activity: Use Of Clinical Reasoning Skills to Enable Patient Centred Problem Solving

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Ask your student to pick a treatment they have used with a patient recently. Prepare a table with the above dot points of what patient centred care is about from a patient perspective. Ask the student to write down what aspects of the treatment apply to each dot point.

Ask the student why they decided to use each aspect under each dot point. (Thus their clinical reasoning)

Are there any headings which have nothing written under them?

Would it have been appropriate for the student to have addressed these areas? If so, consider what could have been done to address these areas? Could something have been added to the assessment to give more information to enable these areas to be addressed?

You can perform the same exercise for yourself as a reflection exercise to identify the involvement of patient centred care in your patient/client management. Remember, there may be times when a heading may not apply in a particular circumstance and it is your role as the Clinical Educator to guide the student to identify this.

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