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Health Workforce Australia (HWA) 

HWA’s goal is to develop a sustainable health workforce within Australia. In order to achieve this, one of its objectives is to build capacity.

The outcome sought by activity undertaken under this objective is to increase the capacity of the training system and to streamline the process for international

health professionals to enable a more efficient process from attraction through to retention (Health Workforce Australia, 2012).

They aim to achieve this by:

  • Supporting the delivery of more health professionals into the workforce by providing a funding subsidy to support growth and efficiency in clinical training, and funding for the establishment of infrastructure to provide greater training capacity.
  • Boosting the efficiency of training through improved quality and consistency of clinical supervision and fostering innovative training methods such as simulation and on-line learning to enhance existing modalities.
  • Supporting a more streamlined approach to the attraction, registration and retention of international health professionals.
  • Devising policy and program measures to develop more efficient and coordinated training pathways.
  • Undertaking research and policy development to consolidate evidence on retention and attraction, including an assessment of the effectiveness of current policy measures.

(Health Workforce Australia, 2012)

This project has been funded by HWA in order to assist with achievement of this objective.

Some relevant documents produced by HWA include:

1. Siggins Miller Consultants (2012).Promoting quality in clinical placements: Literature review and national stakeholder consultation. Adelaide: Health Workforce Australia.

2. Health Workforce Australia (2013). National Clinical Supervision Competency Resource. Validation Edition. Adelaide, SA:HWA.


Health Workforce Australia (2012) Health Workforce Australia 2012 -2013 Work Plan. Final Version. Adelaide, SA:HWA


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