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National Reporting

Interprofessional Education: a National Audit

Complexity and health care: health practitioner workforce services, roles, skills and training, to respond to patients with complex needs

Health Professions Networks Nursing & Midwifery Human Resources for Health: Framework for Action on Interprofessional Education & Collaborative Practice


IPE research

Nisbet, G., Lee, A., Kumar, K., Thistlethwaite, J. and Dunston, R. Interprofessional Health Education a Literature Review: Overview of international and Australian developments in interprofessional health education (IPE) (2011). Published by the Centre for Research in Learning and Change, University of Technology, Sydney,


IPE Tools

University of Manitoba's Faculty of Health Science summarises its approach and examples of Interprofessional Education

Interprofessional learning: A pocket guide for mentors, facilitators, and educators of all professions

Interprofessional Education in Aged Care (IPEAC) toolkit - provides a guide for residential aged care staff in conducting student placements at their facility

Understanding and Facilitating Interprofessional Education - A Guide to Incorporating Interprofessional Experiences into the Practice Education Setting

Interprofessional Learning resources for placements - designed for students to complete IPL activities while on placement and provide educations with a variety of supporting resources and activities.


IPE websites

Australian Interprofessional Practice and Education Network

London Deanery Faculty Development

Australian Capital Territory Government Health: Interprofessional Collaborative Practice and Learning

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