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Facilitating Inter-professional Learning

Learning to work with, about and from other professions is integral to the health care student.  Interprofessional educational (IPE) activities can:

  • enhance the learner’s understanding of other professionals’ roles and responsibilities,
  • foster mutual respect, and
  • promote teamwork and collaboration.

A supervisor should seek out opportunities for the student to experience interprofessional learning such as case conferences or ‘rounds’.  A clinical scenario based IPE activity can be found on p 61 of the Superguide (Health Education & Training Institute, 2011).

Teaching in the presence of patients

An integral part of supervision is facilitating learning directly during the patient/client interaction.  The following tips aim to ensure the rights of everyone are respected and all parties are comfortable in the interaction (Health Education & Training Institute, 2011, p 46).

  • If possible, provide advance notice to the patient and obtain consent in private.
  • Ensure introductions are made.
  • Explain all procedures, discussions and communications.
  • Thank the patient and invite questions.

Modes of Learning

Guidance on facilitating learning utilising different modes, such as, one-on-one, case scenarios, workshops, using simulation, group discussion, journal club, presentation/lecture, inservice and through electronic media can be found on pps 47-59 of the Learning Guide (Health Education & Training Institute, 2011).


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