Empowerment Of Patients to Gain Or Retain Self Determination

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The Australian Government attorney general’s office defines self-determination as ‘at a minimum, entailing the entitlement of people to have control over their destiny and to be treated respectfully. This includes people being free to pursue their economic, social and cultural development.’

Thus, we need to support students to give patients/clients enough information so that the patients/clients feel empowered to have control over their destiny and to be treated respectfully.

The Clinical Educators will act as role models for respectful behaviour and guide the students with regards to empowering the patients.

The Student and Clinician Resources information included in the Aged Care section of this website combined with a patient centred approach and referring to the Core Clinical Education Skills section of this website will be valuable to assist the educator to support their students to achieve this.



Consider how you empower patients?

Do you provide them with written and/or verbal information?

Do you involve your patients/clients when choosing treatments or setting goals of treatment?

Do you role model this to your students?

As every patient/client is different, do you ask your students to consider how they will achieve this with their individual patient/client?

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