Effective Measurements Of Outcomes

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Health outcomes are defined as changes in individuals attributable to the care they received (Donaldson, as cited in The Physicians Consortium for Performance Improvement, 2011).

Every profession and organisation will have individual outcome measures. It is the role of the Clinical Educator to support the student to enable them to select and use the appropriate outcome measures for the individual circumstances.

In the same way, the Clinical Educator should reflect on their Clinical Education Outcomes. The Maastricht Educator Questionnaire is a validated tool that has been developed for this purpose. Copies of this tool for educators and students to complete are contained on this website in the Facilitating Learning section.




Complete the Maastricht Educator Questionnaire to reflect on your performance as a Clinical Educator.

Ask your student to complete the Maastricht Student Questionnaire.

NB Copies of both of these questionnaires are contained within this website.

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