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Every private practice setting is different. In order to ensure the placement is a positive experience for all involved, it is essential that your expectations are clear to both yourself and the student at the beginning of the placement. It is important that the student understands your practice, any boundaries, when you will be available to supervise, what you expect from them and how assessment will occur.

In order to facilitate this, a Placement Profile can assist. A placement profile is a document which summarises the placement experience. There are numerous ways to complete a placement profile. Below is an example of one. If you already have a Placement Profile, read it again to ensure it accurately reflects the student experience.

Activity: Create a Placement Profile for your Placement

Please fill in the information under each heading using the information and questions as a guide.



CONTACT DETAILS: [Ensure you put here your preferred method of contact –e.g.  mobile, email]

PLACEMENT EXPERIENCE: [Detailed information about the student’s experience. What type of patients will the student be seeing? Are there any restrictions or patients the student will not be able to treat but they can observe? Are there any groups the student will be running alone or with assistance? Will the student be completing any projects? Will the student be completing any independent learning activities? Will the student spend time with someone else? Will the student be learning any general business considerations? Will the student be working with more than one Clinical Educator or more than one site? The aim of this section is to prevent misunderstandings regarding the student’s role on placement.]

PLACEMENT REQUIREMENTS: [Is the student required to bring anything with them]

PLACEMENT PRE-REQUISITES: [Is the student required to have completed something prior to attending?]


If a student has this information prior to arrival, this will facilitate communication and go a long way towards ensuring expectations are clear.

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