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Clinical educator preparation

There are some individual activities that a clinical educator may need to do prior to a placement:

  • Attend clinical education training or complete or review other clinical education professional development;
  • Reflect on your previous clinical educator experiences and think about your goals as a clinical educator during the placement;
  • Try and clear any ‘backlog’ of work (e.g. administration tasks, report writing) to free up as much time as possible to spend with students while they are there;
  • Review the university’s learning goals and expectations for the placement;
  • Think about the learning experiences and opportunities you can offer that might address these goals and expectation.  The Occupational Therapy Practice Education Collaborative - Queensland (2017) provides a 'Preparing for Placement' section that may assist clinical educators create orientation, learning objectives and environments conducive to learning.
  • Consider whether there are projects or innovations that students might be able to do;
  • Collate or update a resource folder of teaching and learning tools that you might like to implement during the placement; and
  • Make sure you have a clear understanding of the student assessment requirements and process.

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