Benefits of Clinical Education in Private Practice

There are a multitude of benefits for both yourself and your organisation from working with students. The following information was taken from the Queensland Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Collaborative, but the benefits would apply equally to other professions.

Students can benefit you by:

  • contributing to the development of your personal clinical education, supervision and leadership skills
  • prompting you to "reflect and reason through own practice". N. Flynn, OT clinical educator, Mater Private Hospital (personal communication, June, 6, 2007)
  • keeping you up to date with theories and evidence
  • assisting with workload management once student is competent
  • gaining you valuable Acc OT accreditation points
  • working on evidence based practice activities
  • supporting the future of the occupational therapy profession
  • contributing to the maintenance of good standards of clinical practice
  • providing opportunity for you to model sound professional and ethical behaviour
  • giving you the satisfaction of seeing the student learn and improve
  • providing a professional challenge - "brings you back to the OT basics" (OT clinical educator, personal communication, May, 25, 2007)

Students can benefit your facility by:

  • enabling assessment of students for future recruitment potential
  • increasing departmental productivity and client service provision
  • developing and updating resources (e.g. client manuals, brochures, education programs and occupational therapy resource materials)
  • assisting with quality assurance activities
  • developing staff supervision and training skills
  • developing staff clinical reasoning skills
  • developing staff organisation and time management skills
  • promoting exposure of the service to the community
  • supporting the maintenance of supervising clinician skills
  • promoting diversity in workplace. "Students provide another perspective or dynamic to the team in terms of personality". (N. Flynn, OT clinical educator, Mater Private Hospital [personal communication, June, 6, 2007])

(Queensland Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Collaborative)

In December of 2016, the Occupational Therapy Practice Education Collaborative - Queensland provided updated content relating to private practice placements


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