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WA Clinical Training Network


The WA Clinical Training Network (WA CTN) includes government, private and not for profit health services and education and training providers across WA. The WA CTN aims to ensure that these providers are optimally positioned to offer quality clinical placements to health students, contributing to the development of a skilled and competent health workforce that will meet the needs of the Western Australian community.

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On Track eLearning Package


The online package is free training, covering everything from planning, commencing, carrying and evaluating student placements. Designed for rural and remote allied health and nursing professionals and appropriate for both experienced supervisors and those new to supervision, the course can be completed singularly or together as a whole course. If you are a staff member of the WA Country Health Service access this package from the WACHS intranet.

Topics include:

Deciding to Start

Starting your Journey

On the Road Supervision

Skill 1 for Your Journey

Skill 2 for Your Journey

Navigating Your Way to More Effective Supervision

Bumps in the Road

Working With and Providing Supervision to Others

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