Tutorial for a student going on a rural placement

This tutorial is a general guide for a student to plan and prepare for a rural placement.  It covers the following topics:

  • preparing for the placement - orientation, things to find out about the placement before you go and knowing about the community
  • practical considerations - accommodation, financial considerations, settling in, and looking after yourself
  • scope of the rural placement
  • confidentiality and professional boundaries
  • cultural safety and cultural awareness


Be Prepared For the Placement

Working in a rural and remote setting can be a challenging...
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Practical Considerations

This section discusses accommodation, financial and...
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Scope Of The Rural Placement

In rural or remote settings clinicians have a broad scope...
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Confidentiality and Professional Boundaries

Living and working in a rural community presents additional...
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Cultural Awareness and Safety

This section will introduce students to the concepts of...
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