‘Be prepared’. It might be the Scout’s motto but this should also be used for student placements.  Stress is significantly reduced when placements run smoothly and the more organised you are, the smoother the placement should run.  Consider what is going to be needed from the university’s perspective, the student’s perspective, the workplace’s perspective and your own perspective.

Link through to the 'Preparing for Placement' section of the site for general information that will help you get started.

Building your resilience

The Adult Learning and Teaching Council commissioned a guide to supervision in social work field education outlining comprehensive clinical education tools for student placements.  Page 61-65 provides an evidence based explanation and strategies for building personal and student resilience.  This section is worth providing to the student prior to placement also so they can consider options for building resilience and self-awareness in readiness for the placement.

Read the 'FACT SHEET - Student Anxiety' to see which factors you may need to address in your particular setting when planning for a placement from the student's perspective.


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