Allied Health Assessment Tools and Processes

A number of professions have their own validated assessment tool of student clinical competence. The assessment tool will often have specific, detailed training and resources to support its use in the clinical setting.


Exercise Physiology

Currently there is not a common assessment tool to evaluate Exercise Physiology students on placement.  Each university will provide the clinical educator with the preferred document for their students. 


Occupational Therapy

The Student Practice Evaluation Form (SPEF)-Revised Edition Package© is the nationally recognised tool for assessing students on Occupational Therapy clinical placements.  It is a licensed tool although all universities organising student placements will provide you with access to the assessment tool.  The University of Queensland has an online training package with three modules designed to help implement the SPEF-R© in the workplace.




The Assessment of Physiotherapy Practice (APP) is a valid and reliable instrument for the workplace based assessment of professional practice of physiotherapy students.  It is now used nationally to assess the performance of physiotherapy students on practice placements.

For background information on the development and testing of the APP, refer to the overview and about tabs on the APPLinkup website.

APP Link Up Website

APP Clinical Educators Manual 



Supervisor Training and Approval Program (STAP) provide training and accreditation services for psychologists that meet the requirements for supervision training as set out by the Psychology Board of Australia


Speech Pathology

The Compass is the competency based assessment tool to assess the clinical performance of speech pathology students on placement.  The assessment is available online and in paper format. 


Compass resources





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