Regulation, Ethics and Standards

Dietitians Australia is a self-regulatory professional body that sets standards for practice, fosters professionalism and provides a mechanism for internal disciplinary procedures for the protection of members, the public and the credibility of the profession.  Learn more about:

Education and Training

Competency assessment

The DA National Competency Standards for Dietitians in Australia (2015) are used to facilitate a shared understanding of competency within the profession and can be used by students, practitioners, universities and the general public to aid in understanding expectations of practice.  Use the above link to access the competency standards and supporting documents.

Accreditation Standards for Dietetics Education Programs

DA provides the minimum accepted standard for accredited dietetics education programs in the Accreditation Standards for Dietetics Education Programs (the Standards). DA works with universities that offer dietetics programs to evaluate the program against the Standards, ensuring that graduates have demonstrated competence as described in the National Competency Standards for Dietitians. The Standards also provide detail on the requirements for the professional placement experience offered by a university. 

 Mentoring and Supervision

 There are mentoring and supervision resources available for those dietitians with membership to the Dietitians Australia. 







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