Interprofessional Education - Additional Resources

National Reporting

Interprofessional Education: a National Audit

Complexity and health care: health practitioner workforce services, roles, skills and training, to respond to patients with complex needs

Health Professions Networks Nursing & Midwifery Human Resources for Health: Framework for Action on Interprofessional Education & Collaborative Practice

Interprofessional Health Education a Literature Review: Overview of international and Australian developments in interprofessional health education (IPE) (2011)


IPE Tools

University of Manitoba's Faculty of Health Science summarises its approach and examples of Interprofessional Education

Interprofessional learning: A pocket guide for mentors, facilitators, and educators of all professions

Interprofessional Education in Aged Care (IPEAC) toolkit - provides a guide for residential aged care staff in conducting student placements at their facility

Understanding and Facilitating Interprofessional Education - A Guide to Incorporating Interprofessional Experiences into the Practice Education Setting

Interprofessional Learning resources for placements - designed for students to complete IPL activities while on placement and provide educations with a variety of supporting resources and activities.


IPE websites and online modules

Australian Interprofessional Practice and Education Network

London Deanery Faculty Development

Australian Capital Territory Government Health: Interprofessional Collaborative Practice and Learning

 IPC on the Run provide online interactive modules for health care workers who are interested in enhancing their ability to practice collaboratively from student placement through to continued professional development


Looking for the latest evidence on clinical placements in Interprofessional Education contexts?

Try these Databases: 

PubMed and Google Scholar are freely available databases that can be used to search for literature if you do not have alternate database access provided by your employer.


Try these Keywords to find resources about IPE within health care settings:

Interprofessional Education, Interprofessional Relations, Interprofessional learning, interprofessional outcomes (health), students, interdisciplinary study, interdisciplinary standards, workforce, educational models, collaborative care, team-based practice, competencies, health, health care, allied health


Then, combine with key words for the subject area you are seeking:

For example, if you are looking at providing constructive feedback when supervising an interprofessional student placement, you might also include student feedback, constructive feedback, student performance etc...

You may also wish to combine with the professions you are working with, for example, speech pathology and occupational therapy


Some useful resources to guide your appraisal:

The International Centre for Allied Health Evidence is a global initiative aimed at improving the quality and safety of allied health care through the provision of tools, services and resources to support the health workforce translate evidence into policy and practice.  They provide a series of Critical Appraisal Tools to assist health professionals critique a variety of study types.


Learn more about the Impact Factors of the journals you select 


Don’t forget to search the grey literature:

Reports, data/statistics, policies or books published by appropriate organisations or government bodies may also provide you with useful information.  It is best to search these websites directly or, as often this type of information is published in ‘PDF’ format, used the advanced search function in Google settings to specify Adobe Acrobate PDF (.pdf) as the file type for your search


Remember to consider the credibility, reliability, evidence used, perspective/bias and purpose when screening the grey literature you have located.


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