Exercise Physiology in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Practice Context


Deadly Choices:  aims to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to make healthy choices for themselves and their families – to stop smoking, to eat good food and exercise daily.

Indigenous physical activity web resource: This resource aims to provide quality information and resources about physical activity among First Peoples. 

Work it Out is an education and exercise program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are at risk of having, or have been diagnosed with a chronic disease.

Tuguy Esgin: In this short video, exercise physiologist, Tuguy Esgin, explains how exercise can be used as medicine to close the gap in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. 

Be Strong With Your Health Team: The role of an exercise physiologist within the team of healthcare professionals at Wuchopperen Health Services in Cairns is explained at about the 20-minute mark in this video.

Useful journal articles for exercise physiology students on clinical education placement

J. Hunt, T. Basit, A. Nelson, A. Bartlett (2019) Changes in exercise capacity and anthropometric measures after Work It Out—a holistic chronic disease self-management program for urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people,Public Health: Volume 174: 49-55





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