Developing Competency in Aged Care

At all times, the clinical educator and student need to be mindful of the following best practice principles in aged care.

The Victorian Department of Health (2011) produced a document entitled ‘Innovative Workforce Responses to a Changing Aged Care Environment’. It states that contemporary best practice in Aged Care is associated with:

  • Person-centred interdisciplinary care that supports the residents psychosocial and clinical needs
  • Evidence based practice
  • Transformational leadership and staff development
  • Skill mix and staffing levels based on a range of considerations including resident dependency, staff experience and content

Competency in application and interpretation of profession or context specific skills is not limited to an aged care environment. All Clinical Educators will use their Core Clinical Education Skills to develop a student’s competency in the application and interpretation of profession specific skills.

Please refer to the Core Clinical Education Skills section of this website for detailed information.


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