The student/s have left, the placement is over…WHAT NOW? This is the time to learn from your experiences, reflect on what has happened in order to assist with future placements.


Please read Clinical Educator Reflective Practice section which is located in the Facilitating Learning section of this website.



There are tools available to assist with the reflection process. The Maastricht Questionnaire is a validated tool which has two parts. A questionnaire for the Educator to complete for self-reflection and a questionnaire for the student to complete regarding the placement experience. You may prefer to use another tool or develop your own. The important thing is to understand the importance of evaluating the Clinical Education experience.



Communication is again a vital part of the post placement process. Effective communication with your peers, staff at your workplace and the University representative are essential to assist with thorough evaluation of the Clinical Education Experience.



Once you have reviewed the placement, this is an ideal time to start planning for future placements using the knowledge you have gained from this experience. Please refer to the Preparing for and Managing Clinical Placements section of this website.


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