Occupational Therapy

Supervision and placement requirements


The  Occupational Therapy Practice Education Collaborative -  Queensland  (OTPEC-Q) completed an excellent suite of resources outlining all of the needs for an OT placement, from preparing for placement, orientation, timetabling of placements, supervision and student tutorials, right through to the evaluation of placements.

There are even specialised sections on student placements in private practice.  Definitely worth running through this website if you are commencing your first placement, need to troubleshoot, or if you facing some difficulty with the student placement for the first time.


University Student Handbooks

Each university has their own student handbook which includes comprehensive step by step information regarding the degree outline, placement requirements, expected learning outcomes, trouble shooting and contact people.  Be sure to obtain a copy from the relevant university prior to the student commencing placement so you are aware of any specific expectations.


Student Assessment

The Spef-R© is the nationally recognised assessment tool for Occupational Therapy clinical placements.  It is a licensed tool, although all Universities organising student placements will provide you with access to the assessment tool.  The University of Queensland has an online learning module utilised to gain a deeper understanding of implementing the Spef-R©.


Clinical Supervision Support

The Health Workforce Australia project Clinical Supervision Support compiled an OT specific online learning module.  It is no cost and an online login is required. The module includes an overview of clinical supervision within occupational therapy including supervision models, learning opportunities for supervisors and the most commonly used assessment within occupational therapy practice, an OT clinical educator’s first hand experiences and a case study to work through. 


Specific OT skills

It can be difficult to guide a student from theories learnt at university into clinical practice and yet this is integral in setting up their future role as an Occupational Therapist.  Occupational Therapy Clinical Educators work in a range of settings with students who have a variety of experience.  It is important to reflect upon the ‘grass roots’ of Occupational Therapy whenever embarking on the learning journey with a student as you help them transition from the university environment to the workplace.

Consider the topics below: 

Occupational Analysis

Models of Practice

Clinical Reasoning

Professional Bodies


For the student

This link provides information on the  Occupational Therapy Board of Australia Competency Standards.  Below are some other areas identified as a potential start point by Occupational Therapy Clinical Educators to assist their students with placement.

Occupational Therapy Topics

OT student Tips
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Occupational Analysis

Definition and background of Occupational Analysis
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Models Of Practice

Summary of widely used Occupational Therapy models of...
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Clinical Reasoning

Overview of clinical reasoning
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Professional Bodies

Details of OT professional bodies
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