Links to Existing Resources

The Queensland Occupational Fieldwork Collaborative has produced multiple resources relating to Private Practice Clinical Education. These can be applied to other professions and include

a)     Fact Sheet 1.2

Benefits Unique to Student Clinical Education in Private Practice


b)    Suggestion Sheet 1.1

Perceived Constraints to Clinical Education in Private Practice and How to Overcome Them


c)     Suggestion Sheet 1.2

Tips to Increase Direct or Indirect Cost Benefit of Student Clinical Education in Private Practice Settings


d)    Fact Sheet 1.3

Third Party Payers and Fee-for-service Payers’ Perspectives on the Involvement of Students in Private Practice Settings


e)     Fact Sheet 1.4

Intellectual Property and Confidentiality



The Ontario Council of University Programs in Rehabilitation Sciences (OCUPRS) Academic Coordinators of Clinical Education/Directors of Clinical Education (ACCEs/DCEs) have developed a live document entitled ‘Strategies for building clinical placements in private practice’.

It is a worthwhile read but remember it is developed in Canada so some of the aspects, particularly relating to insurance, may not apply to your practice.